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What’s your favourite hip hop blog?

I dunno how old-school-shit blogs on her phone. This last month man, I dunno how she does it.

Anonymous asked: How can you tell when a man wants out of a relationship? And how can you tell the difference between him wanting out and him simply being caught up with work and school?

I dunno, just ask him straight out.

I wanna sex Christy Mack, she looks like the kind of bitch to chill naked at the crib with you and watch sport.

Anonymous asked: How do I submit?

To submit anonymously, log out first.

Blunts or bongs?

Anonymous asked: I think the anon meant ASS blogs as in booty

Ohhh I don’t know any :(

Anonymous asked: any good ass blogs you follow ?

Follow iliketupac she made a new account. Check out my movie blog too raw-films

Anonymous asked: What kind of colour underwear do you enjoy on women? (don't say 'nothing')

White panties, im not talking thongs or laced shit.


i wanna ask you a question…when you came pullin in here….did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said dead nigga storage?