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What’s better… The Slim Shady LP or The Marshall Mathers LP?

(eminem fans)

If you had to pick one, which record do you prefer?

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5 notes   Aug 19th  

  1. packedout said: Slim shady LP
  2. wanderstowonder said: both good, but im gunna hafta go with marshall mathers
  3. lovepeaceskeetcheez said: I personally like MMLP better. Eminem was alot rawer and had a more unique style. He did take the whole “crazy white guy” act a bit far, but I still really like the album.
  4. whiteguywhoisprettyfly said: slimshady lp all day
  5. fuck-freeworld said: How to choose? Both are perfect! Fuckin’ genius!
  6. hiphopbruh said: so hard to pick but probs Slim Shady LP
  7. madgirlcece said: Marshall Mathers LP!
  8. angryethiopian said: I prefer The Marshall Mathers LP, lyrically superior
  9. illvminated said: SSLP
  10. bluuue-sky said: MMLP :) but they both great albums..
  11. wukicks23 said: Marshall Mathers EP
  12. where-hip-hop-lives said: MMLP
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